Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here i give u some tips :

1. Sell your items on the reputable website

Go to the reputable website to sell your items instead of selling on the small sites. The sits as Ebay will charge you the listing fees. But it is worth! Why? This site has the most members of the online shopping sites. It will save your time and energy to idle on the small sites. Some other sites such as Amazon.com and Half.com is also well considerable sites.It all depends on your convenience to choose the right one.

2. Start a website or blog

Well-designed websites can attract a lot of reader, whose reading will bring much traffic. If the traffic is utilized, this shall be big fortune. Apply for Ads such as Google Adsene. The giant website will pay you commission when your readers click the advertisement link.

3. Join the affiliate program

You may be interested in joining the affiliated programs which will give you commission for leading consumers to their products. When having your own website or blog, you can recommend the products of different sites and provide links to the sites.

4. Writing and get paid

Some websites such as ehow.com, Bukisa.com and Associatedcontent.com buy the articles from different writers. Sharpen you writing skill and get paid from these sites.For this job, the player must have good writing skill and patience for getting paid.

5. Do the online survey and read emails

This way can't get you rich but will bring you some extra money. Sign up for the advertisement companies will pay you when the survey is completed. Remember, don't spend money for the joining fee or the started kit. It will be a scam. It is quite important to choose the companies with good reputation. Do some research before starting joining one program.


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