Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Back links are the driving force behind the world of search engine optimization and page ranking. To do well in the results of specific search in the search engines the site must have higher page rank and higher page rank is achievable through getting some great back links. Basically back links are the links which are in other sites that links to your site. Back links are really easy to create but it's a boring and monotonous job.

There is no good amount of back links that will get you a great page rank or a good rating in the search engines. Back links are really important in the world of Search Engine Optimization. If you want your site to do well in search engine listing results you have to have a good page ranking. If you want a higher page ranking you’re going to need to create lots and lots of back links. It takes time and talent to do this but it will be worth it.

Google receives 3,000 search inquiries a second. That’s 180,000 per minute. If you want your share of this avalanche of free business, you will need to work hard and work smart.

Back links are simply a link from somewhere else to your site. It sounds easy to create them and it is easy, but you will need thousands of these links and you will need new ones every month. They may only take a minute to create but to create hundreds or thousands take lots of time and talent. As search engines got smarter, marketers realized they needed links to be contextual: that is, there should be a body of content (at least a paragraph) surrounding the backlink.

This new understanding defeated the purpose of link farms, and marketers began to understand and see the value in article marketing: In this article I will show you how to create backlinks to your website and have it indexed by Google a bit faster (usually).

This is by no means meant to be a long and wordy novel on the joys of how to create backlinks. What I'm hoping is to give some simple steps that you can take to jumpstart your site on Google using backlinks. Please comment and let me know if this article was of any help!

Here are 3 ways to create backlinks from these websites:

1. Post regularly and then ask for a link, or post a link eventually. Make sure that you add information and quality to their site before trying to create a backlink from it. (No one likes a freeloader!)

2. Find older, high PR sites that still have guestbooks setup. Simply enter a nice comment that features links to your website.

3. Search in Google for high ranking blog sites that feature comments by typing in "[your keywords here]" "powered by wordpress" "leave a comment" -"no comments". Once you gain some results, go through the sites and make sure that they do not have the "no follow" code. (you can do this by pressing "Ctrl+U" then "Ctrl+F". Type in "nofollow".

If the word search finds "nofollow" in the website code, then you are unable to add a link. Otherwise, you should be good to link to your website.)

OK, lets have fun below:
lawak 1
lawak 2

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