Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The World 1st Flying Hotel 2009

Here we have a modified Mil V-12 helicopter that’s now called “The Hotelicopter” and is being hailed as the first flying hotel. As you can see from the image, it’s really big and is supposed to be really expensive. In times of recession, such great inventions help nations cure crumbling economies. Details and images of the insane machine after the jump.

Keeping customer experience and satisfaction in mind, it is supposed to be a flying 5 star hotel. It has 18 lavish rooms, a mini bar, in-house entertainment systems, room service, blackjack table, whirlpool bath, an art galley, yoga studio and even a kid’s play area. There are table tennis tables, spas, jacuzzis, arcade gaming, a garden and queen sized beds with a 600 thread count.
The travel schedules states a Californian tour and then a European tour, and the inaugural flight is set for June 26. No word on pricing yet but you can contact the company if you want to book it.

A USA company unveiled a flying hotel, Hotelicopter.

It is based on Russian helicopter, ‘Mil V-12′. The hotel has 12 rooms, a business center, a fitness center, wall pools, spas, an art gallary, yoga spaces, a casino and a Japanese garden.The expected cruising speed is 237km/h and maximum speed is 255km/h.

Let's HAve fUn below :

Fun 1

Fun 2

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